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Our writers have mastered the art of creating stories that engage the audiences, characters that feel real, and twists that invite thrill in every while. With our team partnering with you, let your story find the right words. Our seamless process with transparent communication eases the journey to making your book the best seller.

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Our comprehensive services include book writing services, editing, cover design, publication, marketing, and book video trailers to help you bring your story to life and reach your audience.


Book Writing

We turn your ideas and vision into a polished manuscript that captivates readers.


Cover Design

We craft custom covers that match the genre and style of your book and entice readers.



Our expert editors refine your book, ensuring a polished and error-free manuscript.


Book Publication

We take your book from manuscript to publication and make it available to the world.


Book Marketing

Our marketing services help you reach more readers and increase book sales.


Book Video Trailer

Our book trailers capture the essence of your story and entice readers to learn more.


Ghost Writing

Our ghostwriting service bridges that gap, allowing your ideas to flourish into fully realized manuscripts. 


Illustration Design

Our illustrations capture the essence of your story’s world, engaging readers on a deeper level.

Why Choose Us

Penguin Publishing Agency is the one-stop solution for all your book writing, publishing, and marketing needs. Following are some reasons why you should choose us:

Experienced Writers

Our agency is home to highly professional and experienced writers proficient in different writing genres with an impeccable track record of delivering premium content.

Excellent Customer Service

Our dedicated team of customer service representatives is available round-the-clock to attend to all your queries and concerns and ensure that you're fully satisfied.

Customized Solutions

We offer custom solutions to our clients to meet their needs and requirements. We take time to comprehend our clients' needs and work closely to deliver the best results.

Affordable Package

We have kept our prices affordable to make sure that the clients get value for their money. We also have flexible pricing options to make our services available to all.

Timely Delivery

We work around fast turnaround times as we understand the importance of timely delivery. We strive to maintain efficiency in all our projects and ensure timely delivery.

Quality Assurance

The content is not just delivered to the client; it undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that it is of the highest quality and contains no errors.

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Why Invest in Professional Writers?

Our professional book writers can take you closer to pursuing your dream of becoming a bestselling author. We offer high-demand book writers for hire in the following genres.

Captivate Readers

With so many stories to invest time in, your readers look for something that captures their attention and ignites them to delve further. To ensure your story is one of those, getting in touch with professional writers becomes crucial. Through careful plotting, vivid descriptions, and authentic characters, professionals help construct impactful stories. Readers' growing interest turns into loyalty, enabling your book to succeed as a best seller.


Just as with any other form of art, storytelling demands a skillful set of people to trace the world with their compelling expressions. From choosing the right word to negating emotions, proficient writers contribute to the story with their expertise and professionalism. It does not only bring words to every page but is an adventurous experience for all your readers. Our book writers for hire are your companion to sail to creativity like never before.

Time and Quality

Conceptualizing ideas, researching sources, outlining the draft, and bringing a new world to life is not a matter of seconds. It demands you to spend hours to get what you want, but not anymore if you get in touch with industry experts. Working with professional writers saves you time with the quality many can’t surpass. Experts streamline the process from the initial idea to marketing it the right way, taking off the burden and paving the way to the success of your book.

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The writing experts at Penguin Publishing Agency have years of experience, comprehensive training, a flair for writing, and topic understanding. We help you come up with books on any subject or topic backed by substantial research. The manuscripts you receive are according to your requirements and specifications.

At Penguin Publishing Agency, we can even handle large eBooks projects without compromising on the quality. Upholding the standards of our industry and profession, we value and ensure quality checks and meticulous drafts so that the book is ready for publishing on time.

If you are looking for writing professionals who can help you produce a book you always imagined writing, Penguin Publishing Agency is a wise choice to do justice to your project and dream!

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Client Success Stories

At the beginning, I wasn't sure about to use their services but I wanted to promote my items and get new costumers. They did what they promised and everything was easy with them. I'm happy with that. Thanks all of you 😊
Stephen Sphiros
The key is a strong sense of trust while working together. There is an aura of success in producing a great product.
Alicia Potter
I got my book formatted through them and I must say they delivered what they promised that too before the deadline. great job highly recommended.
Edward B. Suarez

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